“These ideas, that are driving AlphaGo, are gonna drive our future. This is it folks!” - AlphaGo movie trailer

Igo Math - Natural and Artificial Intelligence and the Game of Go

This course is offered as MAT230 at Akita International University, launched in the winter semester in January 2019. It is a course designed for

  1. explaining Artificial Intelligence in depth by focusing on a single application, the game of Go;
  2. improving metacognition and decision making skills by drawing parallels between artificial and natural intelligence;
  3. enhancing emotional intelligence and mental resilience by playing the game.

For semesters when the course is not offered, Lunchtime Igo is an opportunity to learn and play the game.




Go Teaching Videos (external sources)

Beginner Videos by Stephanie Yin from the New York Institute of Go

Sunday Go Lessons

Paul Lockhart

Michael Redmond 9p

Math & Computing videos (external sources)